Improving Health and Well Being

Who We Are

We want to improve people's response to Physiotherapy through personalised healthcare that can be achieved using FizzioFit. Our Co-Founders Miles and Juanita Browning, and Dr. Carrie Hillyard have over 20 years experience in healthcare. Their dream is to make exercise medicine more accessible to everyone and provide support to them when they need it most, at home or at the gym. Our software helps people remember their exercises, monitor their progress and request help from their Physio.

Our mission is to provide the best service we can. We love talking to Physios and their client's to find out how we can assist. We are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (AEST) to listen and respond to your feedback.

We have recorded over 500 accurate exercises with matching voiceovers. If there is an exercise you would like to see available in FizzioFit, contact us to request it, and we will get it into production.

Our Founders

Miles Browning
Miles Browning, Co-Founder and CEO

Miles is a Physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal injuries, chronic diseases and ageing related conditions. Miles has over 26 years experience caring for patients. FizzioFit was inspired by the need for Miles to provide the best possible client support services when they leave his clinic.

Juanita Browning
Juanita Browning, Co-Founder and Director

Juanita is a personal trainer specialising in rehab and therapeutic exercise prescription. Juanita has seen the difference the right support can make to her clients, along with Miles, she has shaped FizzioFit to be easy to use for both Physiotherapists and their clients.

Carrie Hillyard
Dr Carrie Hillyard, Co-Founder and Chairman

Carrie has more than 25 years of experience in medical and diagnostics research, development and commercialisation and is the inventor of a number of patents. Dr Hillyard has been a member of a number of Federal and State government boards and advisory bodies, providing advice on the development of the biotechnology and venture capital industries. FizzioFit gives Dr. Hillyard the opportunity to support patients, healthcare professionals, and to assist with improving the nation's health.