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Physiotherapists. You are offering an amazing service at your clinic. You want your clients to have the best support when they leave, because if they do, they will get better faster.

With FizzioFit, you can increase your client's response to Physiotherapy with over 500 accurate exercises, professionally recorded in HD.

Prescribe using FizzioFit at no additional cost.

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Improve Client Response to Physiotherapy


Create personalised prescriptions fast

Use prescription templates or create your own. Add your client and program details, choose the exercises and set the parameters.


Over 500 accurate and easy to follow exercises

Access accurate and easy to follow exercises recorded in high definition. New exercises are in production, <email us your request.


Strengthen your client relationships

Connect and support your client's. FizzioFit is a way for your clients to see your brand and extend your services into the digital age.


Support your client's rehabilitation offsite

Clients' can view your prescription from home or at the gym. Use FizzioFit to set program review dates and respond to client feedback.


Update prescriptions instantly

Respond to client feedback by easily updating their prescription. When you are ready, the client is notified of the changes.


Prescribe FizzioFit at no extra cost

FizzioFit is free to Physiotherapists. Get FizzioFit and start seeing the benefits.

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